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Golden Rules for Pupils



To qualify as a barrister, the law requires that 12 months pupillage must be served.

While practicing at the Bar, Mr Andrew Li took on many pupils, and he was known for being very strict. When he was appointed Queen's Counsel (QC) in 1988, his pupils presented him with the Golden Rules. These represent the pupils understanding of the rules which he had laid down for them. Some of the rules are rather humorous.

Mr Li's pupils have included many well-known Senior Counsels: Audrey Eu (former member of the Legislative Council), Lawrence Lok, Benjamin Yu and Wong Yan Lung (former Secretary for Justice). They also have included judges in the Court of Appeal: Susan Kwan and Aarif Barma. Also, many of his pupils were graduates of the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong.

When Mr Li was appointed Chief Justice on 1 July 1997, his pupils presented him with a work of calligraphy with the Chinese characters「持正不阿」. This can be loosely translated as "Administer Justice without fear or favour". Mr Li donated that work to the Judiciary. It is on permanent display in the Exhibition Gallery of the Court of Final Appeal.





Photo of calligraphy donated by Mr Li to
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