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Ceremonial Dress

and Accessories


Queen's Counsel

Mr Li's ceremonial dress as a Queen's Counsel consisting of a long wig (with a rectangular wig box for its storage), jabot as neckgear, court coat, waistcoat, silk gown, lace cuffs, white gloves, black breeches, silk stockings and buckled shoes. 

This elaborate form of dress is only worn by a Queen's Counsel on ceremonial occasions such as the annual Opening of the Legal Year. For court appearances, however, the dress of a Queen's Counsel is much simpler, consisting a short wig, wing collar and bands, court coat and a silk gown.

After 1997, this rank was replaced by Senior Counsel, SC. Appointment as SC is made by the Chief Justice under statue. The ceremonial dress and the court dress for SC are the same as that for Queen's Counsel before 1997.

The gown made of silk distinguishes the Queen's or Senior Counsel from the Junior Barrister. Hence, he or she is popularly called "a silk" and appointment to this rank is referred to as "taking silk".




1997年後,御用大律師改稱為資深大律師(簡稱 SC),並由終審法院首席法官根據法例任命。資深大律師出席法律界典禮時所穿戴的服飾和出庭服飾則沿襲御用大律師的服飾,維持不變。

御用大律師或資深大律師穿著的長袍有別於一般大律師,因長袍以絲綢製成,故此御用大律師或資深大律師又稱為「a silk」,而獲任命為御用大律師或資深大律師則稱為「taking silk」。

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